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GKN Fokker Elmo has expanded its Engineering Lab by adding new environmental test equipment. This is part of the Engineering Test Capability In-sourcing initiative to reduce our external spend on environmental testing, while improving testing lead-time and expanding our in-house capabilities.

The newly ordered test equipment includes a vibration-shock test table (shaker), which will be used for environmental qualification testing of electrical wiring interconnection system assemblies.


Nieuwe IMV AKRON Shaker operationeel bij GKN Fokker ElmoEnvironmental tests are executed as part of the qualification programs for electrical wiring interconnection system assemblies and their application in harsh environmental areas in the aircraft (e.g. on Engines, in nacelles and for APU’s) as contracted by our customers for their certification purposes. Additionally, a significant amount of electrical performance tests are executed to support technical problem solving and in-depth root cause analysis investigations, as part of suspected quality issues on electrical wiring interconnection system parts & materials. These investigations are generally unforeseen but do require immediate testing, which we will now be able to support much quicker as most tests can now be performed in-house, where GKN Fokker Elmo can control time-slotting and priority setting.

Additionally, the shaker test capability provides GKN Fokker Elmo the ability to support technology development programs where new / experimental components (parts, materials and assemblies) and technologies are being developed for upcoming electrical wiring interconnection system products targeted for future aircraft platforms and hybrid-electrical engines. Having these new facilities will also allow us to perform more investigation / data gathering activities, especially related to highly accelerated life testing (ageing) and performance testing of high voltage parts, materials and assemblies for future product applications.

The new test equipment has recently arrived at our facility, is installed and operational since the summer of 2019 in the GKN Fokker Elmo Engineering Lab.

In the near future we have plans to expand the shaker with a temperature chamber to facilitate “bake & shake” testing of electrical wiring interconnection system assemblies.