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P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer

P24 ruggedized pressure transducer

The P24 Differential Pressure Transducer is the combination of a variable reluctance pressure transducer and a miniature carrier demodulator integrated into a single package to provide for operation from mobile dc power and deliver a standardized dc output suitable for recording or telemetry.

P24 Absolute Pressure Transducer provides a sealed absolute reference cavity in the variable reluctance pressure transducer integrated into a single package with the miniature carrier demodulator.

The P24 is available in an isolated version such that the two output terminals are completely isolated from the two power input terminals. In addition, neither input common or output common are connected to case ground.

O-rings are used on Gauge and Differential Units as pressure cavity seals, and for the pressure fitting adapters. On Absolute units, they are used for pressure fitting adapters only.

Any full-scale pressure value between the limits shown in Specifications may be called out, and in any popular engineering or scientific units. This value will be used to calibrate the unit(s) and will be marked on each unit. The Validyne part number used on Packing List and Invoices will be as shown above, except that a two-digit pressure range code will be substituted for the pressure range and units.

Gauge and Differential units are provided with two (2) fitting adapters and O-rings of the type specified: Absolute units with one each. To order spare fittings and/or O-rings, see the Model P24 Price List for part numbers and prices.


Features P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer

  • Ranges from as low as ± 0.08 psi FS to ± 3200 psi FS
  • Differential or absolute versions
  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Fully potted


Options P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer

Contact us for a complete list of all our accessories and options. Telephone: +3216 23 01 03 Email:

Technical Details

Technical Details P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer

P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer datasheet

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