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ACS offer an impressive 4 models of modular Walk In Chambers according to their useful capacity: Compact (10 m3), Medium (16 m3), Large (30 m3) and Extra Large (40 m3).

ACS aim to unite customers with a cost-effective, modular design of the four basic elements of a walk-in chamber that can be mixed and matched to provide a configuration to suit the majority of requirements:
Cooling Unit.
Air Treatment Unit
User interface.
Test room
The control system interface is placed near the door for all the versions of the walk-in chamber. It comprises:
Emergency STOP push button.
Touch panel programmer / controller.
Serial interface RS 232/422
Software + personal computer (optional).The chamber is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), used to manage all chamber functions and safety interlocks.
A special device is used to control the chamber via “mobile” devices, such as Tablets and Smartphones, or to establish a remote Internet comnnection. The HMI system consists of an on-board panel and a Remote connection control (MyKratos™ and MyAngel™).