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The ACS Vibration Test Chamber has a temperature range from 70 to 180°C, while the humidity range is from 10% to 95% (in the temperature range of +10/+95°C).

ACS vibration test chambers can be easily interfaced with many various types of shakers for vertical, horizontal and tri-axial vibrations.
A worm screw type of lifting system, managed by the touch screen control panel, allows to adapt the test cabinet to the shaker height.
It is also possible to add horizontal movement on request. This is especially valuable if your shaker allows both vertical and horizontal movement or if you want to use more shakers with the same chamber.

Different removable floors, for vertical and horizontal vibrations, can adapt the chamber to any existing standard shakers.
If there is the need to use the chamber without the shaker in place, a blind floor is available.
The test cabinet movement is managed by the detachable control panel located on the right side of the chamber.