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ACS standard and customized test chambers can be equipped with sun or IR simulation system for tests on materials, aging, air conditioning systems, emission test benches, etc.The control software of the lighting system can be integrated in the control software of the climatic chamber.

Standard T & RH test chambers Discovery My can be equipped with lamps to perform a sun simulation test. The lamp structure is made of anodized aluminum, while the assembly components are of stainless steel. The percentage of the lamp intensity can be changed using the touchscreen control panel. It takes approximately 3 minutes from the moment the lamp is turned on for it to reach the requested output.

A plug is provided for the inside of the chamber, which can be easily removed and/or installed so as to use the chamber in its standard configuration without the lamp. The device is positioned on top of the chamber.International standards such as DIN 75220 and others can be performed